“Whether the conflicts are internal or external, my goal is to inspire you to live your best life starting with the inner which will manifest the outer results that you desire.”

We offer a wide range of conflict resolution services. We know that conflict is a natural part of life. Therefore, we strive to provide an outlet for parties to resolve their problems in a fair, effective and non-adversarial manner.

Mediation, in the simplest terms, is a process in which disputants turn toward a neutral third party in an attempt to resolve a dispute which they are having.  It is the job of the neutral\mediator to use his\her skills to facilitate dialogue and improve communication which may lead to settlement.

The family unit has changed rapidly over the last few decades.  With change, inevitably comes conflict and it is important that families have an outlet to resolve their disputes.

Mediation provides such an outlet whether you are divorcing\separating, having blended family turmoil or issues within the family unit including but not limited to conflicting parenting styles, whether to put a parent in a nursing home, etc.

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a voluntary process in which two or more parties involved in a dispute work with an impartial party, the mediator, in order to reach a mutually acceptable solution.

What types of cases can benefit from Mediation?

There are many cases which would benefit from mediation including civil matters, domestic matters, landlord\tenant issues, and family issues.

Seven Benefits of Mediation?

There are many benefits to mediation.  Some of them are that:

1. Mediation is generally less expensive compared to the traditional method of litigation;

2. Provides a method for faster settlement compared to overcrowded and backlogged court systems;

3. Parties have more control over the process and settlement as they both work collaboratively to come to an outcome as opposed to having a judge rule in favor of one party over the other;

4. Fosters better relationships when parties can work together to resolve their conflicts and creates a more peaceful future;

5. Parties have more control over the outcome thus they can be more creative in reaching resolutions; and

6. Are more likely to utilize a cooperative forum of problem-solving to resolve their differences than to pursue an adversarial approach.

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